Lil Wayne - ««Funeral»». (Clean Album) [MP3-320KBPS]

So much of what is now standard in hip-hop can be traced back to the intervention of New Orleans rapper and label boss Lil Wayne: trap eccentricity and Auto-Tune, face tattoos and sputtering quality levels. Following Eminem’s surprise drop last month, Wayne’s unheralded 13th studio album proves that the 37-year-old’s flow can still be fearsome, even if his edit function remains iffy.

Over these 24 tracks, Wayne throws everything at the Spotify algorithms: Trust Nobody bids nakedly at rock/rap crossover, playing off phoned-in couplets with a hook from Maroon 5’s Adam Levine. Even less enticing is Wayne singing to guitars by himself on Never Mind. Of all the many solid rapper hook-ups here, the late XXXTentacion features grimly on Get Outta My Head, rapping about poor mental health.

Best are the tracks on which something genuinely weird happens. The stark, icy beat to Mama Mia brings Wayne out in a fever of dazzling rhythmic wordplay. Bastard (Satan’s Kid) gives staccato insight into Wayne’s upbringing. While his enthusiasm for taking drugs and objectifying women is almost quaint, Clap for Em is a sexually explicit New Orleans bounce bop so full of life it makes the album’s title a nonsense. 

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