Jaden - CTV3: Cool Tape Vol. 3 (Album) [iTunes Plus AAC M4A]

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This album, like it’s cover, is aesthetically pleasing. It is sonically appealing and obviously hard work went into it’s narrative, sound, and production. It is a testament to Jaden’s genius and growth as an artist. His artistry will only continue to get better form here on out. Not a dull moment in this album and it is fantastic all the way through with no filler or unnecessary moments.

I’ve been following Jaden since he remixed Pumped Up Kicks, and it’s amazing to see his growth since then! Both Syre and Erys are amazing albums, and ones that are in my collection that I revisit quite often, and CTV3 is even better and the conclusion to that storyline (of lost love, trying to reattain it, and coming to acceptance and letting go). CTV3 is so positive, colorful, and wavy with some influence ranging from The Beatles, Michael Jackson, A Tribe Called Quest, and many other classic sounds. It has 60s & 70s rock & roll sounds, classic hip-hop and R&B sounds, and just plain old wavy acid trip vibes.

Everyone can enjoy this album! It is a summer vibe and surpasses anything out musically right now. Jaden is one of the top 5 artists out right now! Go show him and his team some love by purchasing this album. They deserve it for the hard work and love that went into this album; a labour of love! MSFTS 4 LIFE!

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